Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, Jaden and & I were just leaving the pediatrician's office after being told that he has type 1 diabetes. After 2 hrs at the pediatrician's office we were sent home to pack our bags and then head back to Ft. Worth to be admitted into the hospital for the next 48 hrs. Jeremy was in Cuba and received his email around 8pm that night with the not so good news. We were only able to "google chat" for a little while so I could fill him in on everything. He got on the 1st flight home the next morning and was at the hospital with us by 3pm that day. I will never forget how God orchestrated everything that day and all of our friends and family who stepped in to help.

It was only by an act of God that we even went to the Dr. that morning. Jaden hadn't been himself for a couple weeks and so I emailed a friend, Becky, at 5am that morning asking some "nurse" questions about his "symptoms." She said she never checks her email in the morning before work, but for some reason (God) that morning she did. She quickly wrote me back and said that his "symptoms" were classic signs for diabetes. Had she not told me, I probably wouldn't have taken him in that morning. You see, I had no idea what diabetes was or what all it entailed so it was all very new to me. I thought the Dr. would just give him some medicine and it would be better. Oh, silly me.

All the phone calls and emails that I made that day. Robyn stepping in to hold down the fort and take care of Jenna in order to keep her little life calm. Kim, for also stepping in to help with Jenna and just stuff with home. Robyn, Matt and Heidi for coming to the hospital late that night for moral support. Melissa for being my 2nd ear in training/education classes while at the hospital until Jer got home and could join me. My in-laws for getting on the next plane out to come be here for the weekend in case Jer couldn't come home. My sisters who were so supportive and willing to come if/when I needed them to. And then most important of all......All the people across the globe who were so faithful in prayer for our family!! I say most important of all, because well....Prayer is our most valuable tool from God! He is the Great Physician and I know He has Jaden in His arms 24/7!

Praise the Lord for Dr's who are gifted with the knowledge needed to help take care of my little man! It's just a year later and we are no longer doing "shots" of insulin, but now on a pump that does it all for us. God is so good to take care of HIS children!

Honestly, I don't know how anyone could live without knowing the Lord and having the hope that He gives through the salvation of His son Jesus! I thank God everyday for my many, many blessings. I pray that I never take Him or those blessings for granted. I know He will use diabetes for good in Jaden's life. Yes, it sucks to have a disease, but oh how wonderful it is to know that that disease may be used to lead someone to Jesus some day!

My little man is strong and knows the Lord who takes care of him. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of us each day!

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